I saw a really dope use case for ChatGPT on TikTok and had to jump in to dissect it. @chatgptsimp’s goal in this experiment is to create a digital marketing agency completely from scratch using ChatGPT to create the ENTIRE business model. Information like this is sure to cause a surge in new tech entrepreneurs, so you already know I had to be all over it. Let’s get into it, check out the video below:


The core prompts I used inside #chatgpt to secure 2 clients in under 12 days.

♬ original sound – Josh

Here are the video’s main points:

  • He lists the core prompts used to secure 2 clients and $12k in revenue
  • The video is part of a series that is still available on his account (as of, today 2/23/23)

Is it a hoax? Here’s what I’ve assessed so far about this experiment:

  • Creating a definitive relationship with ChatGPT using your prompting can definitely yield the desired result.
  • I suggest editing some of the scripts you have ChatGPT generate for the sake of adding personality to your communications.
  • This only truly works if you already possess a skill that could be leveraged as a service for your digital agency. If you don’t quite have those skills, look into becoming a front-end web developer, SEO specialist, or (advertisement) copywriter to start with.

Now, let’s get into some resources to get you started:

  • Understanding AI prompt engineering

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