Is there any investment?

We hire Independent Contractors only. It does not cost to apply for a position or to create your agent profile (once your application is approved).
Our clients do require each Individual agent to become certified in the tools and resources needed to service the client, which requires certification training. As an Independent Contractor, you are responsible for your certification training cost and any equipment needed to service. The great thing as an Independent Contractor you are able to write off any expenses on your taxes. This is an investment in being in complete control of your work, money, and hours.
A background check is required and is $9.99 plus processing fee. Client Certification training cost can range from $19.99 to $250 depending on the Client (this fee is charged by the Client through Arise Virtual Solution, it is not charged by Logic Wizards Ltd. Co.). Training sessions can cost between $9.99- $250, depending on the Client. We also offer Certification Reimbursement up to $99 for qualifying agents (conditions solely based on the Arise Referral program).

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