I saw a really dope use case for ChatGPT on TikTok and had to jump in to dissect it. @chatgptsimp’s goal in this experiment is to create a digital marketing agency completely from scratch using ChatGPT to create the ENTIRE business model. Information like this is sure to cause a surge in new tech entrepreneurs, so you already know I had to be all over it. Let’s get into it, check out the video below:


The core prompts I used inside #chatgpt to secure 2 clients in under 12 days.

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Here are the video’s main points:

  • He lists the core prompts used to secure 2 clients and $12k in revenue
  • The video is part of a series that is still available on his account (as of, today 3/14/23)

Is it a hoax? Here’s what I’ve assessed so far about this experiment:

  • Creating a definitive relationship with ChatGPT by way of your prompt engineering can definitely yield the desired result.
  • I suggest editing some of the scripts you have ChatGPT generate to add personality to your communications.
  • While ChatGPT can only provide prompt-based responses, it can’t exactly create an SMMA from scratch. It can, however, provide you with a series of prompts, scripts, ideas, and document templates to give your agency the infrastructure it will need to be viable and seek clients.
  • This only truly works if you already possess a skill that could be leveraged as a service for your digital agency. If you don’t quite have those skills, look into becoming a WordPress developer, SEO specialist, or (advertisement) copywriter to start with. These are fairly simple skills you can practice as you’re learning and finding clients, but be sure you choose a skill with mastering that skill in mind. Don’t leave food on the table, family.

So far, I can honestly say that this use case doesn’t have too many unnoted holes. This study could be a catalyst for starting a new wave of entrepreneurship infused with AI, and based on this TikToker’s Discord server, the ripples are indeed forming. If you remember the affiliate/network marketing wave, the dropshipping takeover, or the current race for creating blockchain assets of the past few years, you know that these markets can quickly become oversaturated and filled with fluff that doesn’t serve potential customers or the networks of entrepreneurs they attract. It’s wise for this reason to be careful of who you trust and to also be aware of what you aren’t being shown. While this guy’s stuff seems pretty straightforward, there are a few things that will help you dive deeper into your own understanding of AI and ChatGPT to fully grasp what he’s sharing.

Here are some resources to get you started:

Of course, these few points aren’t the end-all-be-all for starting an agency from scratch with ChatGPT, but they will definitely point you in the right direction. Feel free to continue following @chatgptsimp for more on his particular journey & stay tuned for more OpenAI-infused projects from our team. I’ve already got my popcorn!